Unilever rejected a surprise $143 billion takeover bid by Kraft Heinz.

Unilever Rejects Surprise Takeover Bid By Kraft Heinz

On Thursday, February 16, Kraft Heinz made an unexpected $143 billion takeover bid for European consumer goods giant Unilever. Unilever responded by rejecting the offer. “Unilever rejected the proposal as it sees no merit, either financial or strategic, for Unilever’s shareholders,” the company said. “Unilever does not see the basis for any further discussions.” Kraft […]

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Plug Power boosts both its alternative energy offerings and its market value.

Plug Power Boosts Both Alternative Energy Offerings and Market Value

Plug Power Inc. stock may have been trading fairly low last week, but the company’s subsequent 13-percent rally has experts predicting future smooth sailing. As an up and coming player in the alternative energy market—its recently-released ProGen fuel cell engines have the potential to revolutionize the electric delivery vehicle market—Power Plug could become the next […]

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Structural "holes" in a business can lead to greater innovation.

Structural “Holes” Lead to Innovation

According to research from Bocconi University in Italy, the most innovative companies are those with “holes” in their structure. The reason for this is because companies with these holes are forced to look for people to look externally for knowledge, allowing them to subsequently share that knowledge and innovate from it. “A structural hole is […]

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A smile can be a predictor of a marketing campaign's success.

The Size Of A Smile Can Predict Marketing Success

Part the complexity of marketing comes from the fact that multiple small factors can dramatically influence consumer behavior. In fact, a recent study from the University of Kansas shows that something as seemingly irrelevant as the size of someone’s smile can actually has a huge influence on how consumers perceive the marketer. “We found that […]

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Infomediary sites like Yelp and other review sites may be doing consumers more harm than good.

Review Sites Might Be Harming Consumers

If a consumer wants to find out about a video game, all they have to do is type the name of that game into a search engine to find countless reviews of it on websites, blogs, and streaming video sites. What they probably won’t find, however, is a playable demo of the game, which would […]

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Crowdfunding is helping many startups get off the ground--and encouraging venture capitalists to follow.

Where Crowdfunding Goes, Venture Capital Follows

Crowdfunding has been the route to a bewildering array of projects that might never have gotten funded otherwise. Not only does it allow for projects that venture capitalists generally avoid, like art projects, but it has brought funding to a number of projects in normally under-invested parts of the country. A study by researchers at […]

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The upcoming SuperReturn International conference will include a panel discussion on geopolitical instability and how it will affect private equity investment.

New World Disorder: How Will Geopolitical Volatility Affect Private Equity Investments?

SuperReturn International, a key conference for private equity investors around the world, is coming up at the end of February. Given the current climate of instability, both in geopolitical and investment terms, participants and speakers will have a lot to talk about. One panel discussion specifically on this topic will take place on the second […]

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Researchers are saying there may be a genetic basis to online media consumption and engagement.

Is There A Genetic Basis to Online Media Consumption?

Media consumption has long been seen as a passive thing, where people passively take in whatever media they are given. But the truth, according to a recent study from King’s College London, is that people actively engage with media, in different ways and with different forms that work best for them. “Our findings contradict popular […]

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Researchers at the University of Sussex have found that paper wasps live by the supply and demand theory.

Paper Wasps Live By the Supply and Demand Theory

Here’s a new twist on an old economic theory: the supply and demand theory plays a role in the way paper wasps in southern Spain behave. These wasps live in small nests where “helper wasps” essentially do the housework for the dominant, breeding wasps. Until now, scientists had assumed that this relationship was predicated on […]

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