People still have a hard time identifying phishing emails.

Phishing Emails Can Be Hard to Identify

Phishing scams are one of the most common tricks that criminals use online. Most of us know about them and know to avoid them. But it turns out that people are still pretty bad at actually identifying phishing attempts. A study by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University’s College of Engineering found that the average person […]

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Workplace incivility can lead to low morale and loss of revenue.

Workplace Incivility Leads to Loss of Revenue

Workplace incivility is a big, and costly, problem. Although it is less detrimental than harassment or bullying, it still has major effects on productivity and employee morale. Incivility refers to sarcasm, put-downs, and other acts of rudeness that make the work environment less welcoming. Worse, these actions are contagious and lead to an “incivility spiral”: […]

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Neural computing is likely to be the wave of the future.

Neural Computing Is the Wave of the Future

Computer technology is constantly advancing, but there are some ways in which it’s come to a surprising halt. The integrated circuits that perform the computation process have gotten about as good as they can get with current technology. To move toward the future, researchers are looking at new ways to make computation processes faster and […]

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Even large businesses can benefit from the lean startup model.

Lean Startup Model Benefits All Businesses

The concept behind the lean startup is to start small: Begin with customers, develop a product that they like, and continually redevelop that product in order to work out the bugs and improve it, releasing it to a (hopefully) ever-widening audience over time. It was developed initially for Silicon Valley startups, and it is especially […]

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YouTube stars are finding that diversifying their platforms expands their audience

For Some YouTube Stars, Platform Diversity is Key

YouTube has been, and will continue to be, a handy platform for launching media careers. Most people on the video sharing service don’t turn their channels into a career, much less a multi-million dollar empire, but there are certainly those who do. For many successful YouTubers, staying relevant and engaging with viewers is core, and […]

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Cannabis entrepreneurship is a growing field.

Six Cannabis Startups to Watch

With the legalization of recreational marijuana in Washington, Oregon, and Colorado, and legalization referenda on the upcoming election ballot in five states, the prohibition mentality is quickly going up in smoke. And it’s not just plants that are growing; it’s cannabis entrepreneurship as well. If you’re thinking of investing in startups, some argue that cannabis is […]

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Collaborative remembering can harm individual participants' short-term memory

Groups Can Harm Short-Term Memory

Collaborative remembering refers to groups of people such as hiring committees, juries, or study groups working together to recall information in order to make decisions. It’s something that comes up quite often in everyday life, but might not seem like it. It’s also a double-edged sword. A study by researchers from the University of Liverpool […]

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General Atlantic continues to expand its European tech holdings.

General Atlantic Continues to Expand European Tech Holdings

With the recent acquisition of a controlling stake in London-based commodity price reporting agency Argus, global growth investment firm General Atlantic continues to build on its marketing and financial technology holdings in Europe. General Atlantic has also hired and promoted a number of executives with experience in the technology sector. Most notably, Jörn Nikolay, who […]

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Facebook at Work, a new work chat application, is trying to compete with Slack.

Facebook Entering the Work Chat Application Market

The chat application Slack, which is being used in workplaces all over the country as a communication and collaboration tool, has been a huge success. Facebook plans to try and enter that market by launching a chat service called Facebook at Work. However, there are some large differences between Slack and Facebook at Work, not […]

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