Olive Garden offered its Unlimited Pasta Pass for the 21st year

Olive Garden Unlimited Pasta Pass Nets $2.1M in Sales

Earlier this month, Olive Garden brought back its ultra-popular unlimited pasta pass this fall, and they sold out fast. In 2015, the restaurant issued 2,000 passes, and they sold out in less than one minute. This year, Olive Garden offered 21,000 passes; they too sold out quickly. For the $100 cost of the pass, diners […]

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Health apps and websites can provide a wealth of information to consumers.

Apps and Websites That Combine Health and Technology

Medical mobile applications and websites are becoming more commonly used by patients and consumers, and many healthcare providers today are evaluating whether and how to connect with their patients through these channels. With today’s advanced technology, telemedicine and telehealth apps and websites are making healthcare dramatically more affordable, preventative, convenient, and, in many ways, downright […]

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Uber has introduced driverless cars in Pittsburgh.

Uber Introduces Driverless Cars; Drivers Already Fighting Them

Uber just announced that it has begun a pilot program of driverless cars in Pittsburgh. The cars still have engineers riding along who can take care of problems as they arise, but its ultimate goal is to provide cars that simply don’t have human drivers. Uber maintains that this day is still well down the […]

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New chips are being developed to detect malicious hardware.

Special Chips Will Detect Malicious Hardware

We’re all aware of viruses, phishing emails, and phone hacks, but there’s an even more insidious form of security breach that is much harder to detect. Sometimes the physical chips within our devices are intentionally made faulty, allowing them to create a weakness that can be used by criminals. It’s hard to find this malicious […]

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Growth equity investing has been on an upward trend.

The Growth of Growth Equity Investing

Over the past several years, growth equity investing has increasingly been in the spotlight. Minority stakes that usually come toward the end of the last round of financing, growth equity investments offer a safer way to bolster growth in more established companies. “As a minority investor, what we’re looking for is an alignment of interests […]

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Retro games are enjoying a resurgence.

Indie Games Can Be Successful Before They Even Reach Customers

The mainstream video game industry has, traditionally, moved in trends, with certain styles of gameplay dominating the market at different times. The same can be said of the independent game industry, but there are always games that buck the system and try something new or, increasingly, something old. One older format, the Japanese role-playing game […]

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International travel is in, foreign transaction fees are out.

International Travel is In, and Foreign Transaction Fees are Out

International travel is getting slightly cheaper these days, not because the cost of tickets or hotels is going down, but because many credit card issuers are getting rid of foreign transaction fees. If you’re not familiar with the concept, the fees are added on to purchases made outside of the United States, and usually range […]

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